Thanksgiving in Rowlett, TX

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It’s easy to be excited this time of year, with the holidays around the corner there so much to do. The city of Rowlett comes to life with all the fun and festive activities they have during the holidays. It’s the perfect time to have friends and family over enjoying the holidays, creating memories, and having an adventure right here in the city. Want to add to your holiday look no further than right here. If you’re looking to have a good time during the Thanksgiving holiday, here’s a list of things you can go to or get involved in.


There are plenty of restaurants that offer a Thanksgiving meal during the holidays. If you don’t have time to cook or just not feeling up to it, head over to one of the many restaurants offering these dinners. Share in a great meal without all the work. Call ahead and make reservations if necessary.  

Local Parades

Some neighborhoods will host local parades during the holiday filled with floats, bands, local officials, and organizations. Take your family to the parade and watch all the exciting festive sights, and socialize with fellow parade goers. You’ll have a blast being out there and celebrating Thanksgiving.

Whatever you decide to get into for the holidays it’s important to remember to be safe, and to have fun.

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