Get in Shape Around Your Rowlett Apartments

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Are you interested in getting in shape near your apartments in Rowlett but are unsure where to start? If the idea of traditional exercise- like hitting the treadmill or lifting weights bores you, consider one of these other ideas to exercise for your health:

• See if there’s a basketball court around you and go shoot some hoops

• Google where the nearest batting cages are

• Take a dance class at your local academy

• Go on MeetUp and see if you can find any local walking/hiking groups

• Get a more physical job. If your job is sedentary and contributing to weight gain, perhaps you should change it up with a job that requires you to move around a little more.

• Change your routine from driving everywhere to either walking or riding your bike. You’ll be amazed at what a difference that can truly make.

• Join a local bowling league. While this doesn’t involve lots of cardio, at least it involves moving around and getting your heart rate up for minutes at a time.

Can you think of any other creative ways to add exercise to your daily or weekly routine? Or does the gym at your apartments in Rowlett suffice for you

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