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Home decor is continuously changing and shifting with time. Sometimes a home can instantly be dated just by the interior design choices. Be sure to keep up with the times by investing in elements that bring your apartment into the modern era. 


Earth Tones

With all this time indoors, it’s no surprise that people are now bringing the outdoors inside their home. You can do the same by utilizing a color palette containing olive green, yellow ochre, and burnt orange. There are also ways to further incorporate this trend into your home by using furniture and accessories that mimic natural elements, such as wood, plants, and pinecones. Although this concept can be seen as safe or neutral, you can give it your own twist or pop of color! 


Home Office

With so many people working from home, it is now essential to have a home office that boosts productivity. Although most people don’t have an empty room to convert into an office, they are instead making their living area into a multi-functional environment. This year, we have seen people get extremely creative, converting guest rooms, kitchens, and even closets into offices. 


Mixed Metals

For some reason, people love metals this year, and not even matching ones. Finishings and furniture are boasting silver, gold, tin, and copper to add a feeling of elegance to any home. We don’t recommend going beyond three different types of metal, as this can look a bit over the top or make things feel clustered. Spread out your metals across the apartment on both horizontal and vertical planes. For an added pop, consider investing in a light fixture with the same metal as well! 


With all the time being spent at home, it’s important to love where you live. By upgrading your apartment with these trending home decor concepts, you can enjoy a refreshing update. Tell us your favorite trend of 2020 in the comments below. 

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