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November! It is the month that begins so many things for so many different people. Filled with emotion many of us shop, cook, or just spend time with the ones we love the most showing how much we love and care for those who love us. You don’t have to wait till Thanksgiving to show your attitude of gratitude. We have some options to spread the spirit of gratitude. 

Tell A Friend

Words are powerful. They hold the ability to either make or break us or any given situation. Using our words to spread positivity and love is one of the greatest actions we can ever perform in our lives. Picking up the phone and calling a friend just to see how their day is going can shift the entire trajectory of their day, or even just sending a text to say Hey. 

Also, laughter is one of the greatest gifts you can give a person, and ultimately it's something we can give whether we possess the ability to be funny or not. In the day and age of social media, memes have made us all comedians with a couple of witty punchlines in our back pockets. 

Be a friend this holiday season. It will be sure to carry those grateful vibes well past the month.

Food and Clothes 

Food and clothing is something we all need however it is not something that we all have. There are many people who have gone without and because of the ongoing pandemic those numbers have increased. Many casualties of the year's events have displaced a lot of families and caused a lot of concern. Although you may not have remained unscathed by the pandemic and mass closures, the uncertainty of food and shelter became a harsh reality. If you have items to donate, find your local pantry or thrift store in Rowlett and turn them in. We are sure someone will be grateful for your donation and it will also show your gratefulness for the things you have through such a wonderful act of kindness. 


Be sure to count your blessings and live with a spirit of gratefulness at Harmony Apartments


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