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“No energy can disturb the peacefulness of my body and mind.”

The above quote is one of many mantras used as a form of therapy to bring on tranquility. This past year has taken a toll on all of us in many ways. Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, but most of all MENTALLY. We all have suffered so much loss that it has sort of demotivated us from setting goals due to the many uncertainties that have been thrown our way. Although therapy is a great way to do some inner work, we understand that method isn’t for everybody. Talking for some may bring on more anxiety and there may be subjects difficult to mention, and that’s ok. There are several ways to relieve your mind but one way you can bring on those Zen vibes is by taking on an animal companion. 


Pets have a way of connecting with us that is literally unspeakable. They rely on us and for us that have em, we rely on them for different things. Having a companion makes you feel like you essentially don’t really need anyone else. Pets are good to us. They show an undeniable loyalty that is hard to fathom sometimes.  Your pets can reduce stress, anxiety, and give us the ability to develop deeper empathy overall.  Providing companionship can mean different things but pets are a cure for loneliness. 

Whether dog or cat, studies have shown pets have been the catalyst for adopting a healthier lifestyle in those that suffer from depression, stress as well. Touch and movement are two great ways to manage stress and having a pet promotes those two things for certain. 


For children, pets can be beneficial as well. Children need structure and through caring for pets is a great way to integrate that and bring on a sense of responsibility at an early age. 


Consider adopting a pet into your home at Harmony and watch for the mental health benefits produced by your newfound relationship! 


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