How To Make Your Harmony Apartment Epitomize Spring

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Spring is here! The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing songs of joy, and most of all, the sun stays out to play a bit longer— who doesn’t enjoy that? Now that we have gotten into the year and our lives are starting to readjust, we can start putting our minds to other things. One thing you can take on this Spring is doing some light interior designing and renovating to match the season. Need help? Well, here are some great tips you can utilize in your Harmony apartment. 



A common theme centered around Springtime is flowers! From nature to marketing campaigns, anything floral is a go. 

What’s In Bloom 

Flowers are beautiful whether bloomed or not. Some carry great fragrances that would be a great way to not only revive your home’s look and feel but even its aroma. However, we think that flowers that have bloomed during Spring are the most fulfilling to have within your home. Pasque Flowers have a lavender shade with some darker purple accents that will go great with whites and neutral colors. Lavender is a color of flowers that are actually pretty prominent from April to May so having them will definitely have you on-trend. 

Floral Design

For those that have allergies, you may not want to participate in this season as much with actual flowers. However, there are some options to SPRING-ERIZE your home as well. Obviously, you can use fake flowers also sometimes dubbed as “indoor plants’ but that’s so…typical. The floral we are referring to NOW is in regard to PRINTS. Floral throws, rugs, and other garments like kitchen and bathroom accessories are a great way to bring your home well into the spring season. 


So there you have it! Tips you can use this season to bring those Spring vibes through the corridors of your home. Enjoy!


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