Transitioning From Halloween to Thanksgiving in Decor at Harmony Apartments

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Living at Harmony Luxury Apartments provides an excellent home for you to decorate for the holidays. With Halloween and Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it's time to transition those skeletons to even more pumpkins and gourds!

Why DIY?

There is no need to throw out all the Halloween decorations. Simply put away skeletons and other decorations that only pertain to Halloween. You can then start building on the autumn decor already in place. Many shopping sites like Williams Sonoma can provide ready-made items with a Thanksgiving theme. It is tempting to buy these premade, elegant decorations. However, DIY makes the process more fun. The results will be unique, and your guests will be impressed with your creativity. If you have a Jack-O-Lantern, turn it around so that people will see the uncarved side. A perfect way to utilize pumpkins throughout the season!

Get Inspired By These Decor Ideas

Let nature set your imagination free. A trip to Rowlett Creek Nature Preserve Trails could provide materials for a natural centerpiece. Pinecones, fall leaves, and acorns are easy to find and will add to that Thanksgiving feeling. Adding a cozy throw with warm colors to the back of the sofa will hint at coming cool weather.

Use your pumpkins and gourds for great decoration additions to the covered patio. Hanging a basket on the entry door with flowers in fall colors will add ambiance. A simple chalkboard with the message "Happy Thanksgiving" can make a visitor smile.

Choose Harmony Apartments

It only takes a little imagination to switch from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Remove spooky elements. Replace them with anything that reminds you of Thanksgiving. Rowlett, Texas, is beautiful. Lake Ray Hubbard offers wonderful dining, shopping, and entertainment. Make your apartment just as beautiful this Thanksgiving.

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