Celebrating February With Friends at Harmony Luxury Apartments

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The month of February isn't just for lovers. You'll be amazed at how much you and your friends can do to celebrate the month. Whether in your Harmony Apartment or outdoors, you and your friends can make this February memorable.

Singles Game Nights

Hosting a singles game but not sure exactly how it's going to go down? Worry not, as the ideas are endless.

Tell your friends to invite their friends over. The idea is for people who don't know each other to get to know each other and maybe spark something romantic. Games you could play are:

  • Board Games
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Jackbox

Or keep it simple and hang out with your familiar friends. There are plenty of other board games to play, and feel free to get creative as well. Make up some cute and fun games that can keep you and your group of friends entertained.

Themes for Throwing Friend's Celebration

Creating a themed get-together can be tricky. You have to be considerate enough to pick a theme inclusive of all your guests, leaving nobody out. For example, you could choose to have a friendship theme. However, it must be inclusive of all your friends' interests and more.

For the ladies, Galentine's day is a must. Celebrate your female friendships in the month of love. You could do this by hanging out at the Rowlette community park or any of the following restaurants:

Have Fun on Galentines Day

The month of love can be celebrated in various ways with anyone you will. You don't have to lock yourself indoors, sulking all day because you're single in the month of love! So this February, just call on your friends and have some fun.

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